New Law Makes It Easier to Spot and Stop Contracting Out

One of the challenges unions face in trying to prevent the misuse of private contractors by the State of California is the fact that departments often sign new contracts before the union is made aware of the fact.  A new bill that was signed into law by the Governor, AB 906, fixes that problem, as it requires departments to notify the relevant unions before they sign a new contract for personal services.  The bill was introduced by Assemblymember Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), who is a member of UAPD, and supported by both UAPD and AFSCME.  This was one of two UAPD-backed bills to address the problem of private contracting during the last legislative session, both of which were signed into law.  The other contractor bill was AB 1008, which prevented Alameda Health Services (AHS) from outsourcing work now done by UAPD-represented physicians (see p. 3).