University of California (UC)

UC Doctors Authorize Strike

After 35 bargaining sessions over ten months, there is still no agreement between UAPD and the University of California over terms for a first contract for UC Student Health Center doctors.  After months of bad faith bargaining on the part of UC, in November the UAPD...

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UC Makes Unreasonable Offer to Doctors

The UAPD Bargaining Team had two negotiation sessions with the University last week. UC raised their initial 1.5% across-the-board salary offer to 2%, but said their offer is still for the first year only. In the subsequent three contract years, raises for student...

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UAPD Urges UC to Pick Up the Pace

UAPD's bargaining team and UC management representatives have continued to meet for negotiations toward a first contract that will cover physicians, dentists, and podiatrists at the student health and counseling centers statewide. Unfortunately, after nine negotiation...

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Bargaining Update for UC Doctors

The UAPD Bargaining Team has met twice with the University of California management team. The team members are Amol Doshi, M.D. (UC San Diego), Sean Kennedy, M.D. (UC Davis), C. McDaniel, M.D. (UC Los Angeles), Jeffrey Nelson, M.D. (UC Berkeley), Harry Siemonsma, M.D....

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UAPD and UC Meet Over UCI Hours

On January 9th, UAPD was notified by UCI administrators that they planned to extend hours at the Student Health Center.  UAPD Labor Representative Jake Baxter met with a group of UCI doctors to prepare a response, and then, along with one of the UCI doctors, met with...

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