Alameda Health System

Message from UAPD’s AHS Bargaining Committee

Your UAPD Committee has been meeting with AHS Management weekly since August to negotiate a new contract for the UAPD physicians and dentists.  So far, we have proposed improvements to tuition reimbursement; increased educational leave; board certification fee...

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AHS Doctors Will Not Be Forced into Foundation

UAPD-represented doctors working for Alameda Health System (AHS) have asked whether they, along with the unrepresented doctors working at Highland Hospital, will be forced into the new foundation being created by AHS.  The answer  is no.  UAPD took action last year to...

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UAPD Doctor Appointed to Measure A Oversight Committee

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors has appointed  Dr. Milton Lorig, a UAPD Board Member and longtime employee of the Alameda Health System, to the Measure A Oversight Committee.  Adopted by Alameda County voters in 2004, Measure A authorized the County of Alameda...

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UAPD Commitee Outraged by ACMC Proposal

After sitting on UAPD's comprehensive economic proposal for over one month, on August 9th the Alameda County Medical Center finally presented their counter proposal...and it was outrageous! ACMC doctors go HERE to read more about the management's wage proposal and to...

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Bargaining Roundup: Counties, Clinics, CSU

In recent years the best strategy for many county bargaining units has been to rollover the current contract rather than negotiate a new one, assuming the employer agrees to do so. While extending a contract generally means no new salary increases, it also means no...

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