San Mateo County

Bargaining Roundup: Counties, Clinics, CSU

In recent years the best strategy for many county bargaining units has been to rollover the current contract rather than negotiate a new one, assuming the employer agrees to do so. While extending a contract generally means no new salary increases, it also means no...

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UAPD Wins More Admin Time for San Mateo Doctors

UAPD successfully negotiated a 50% increase in admin time for all San Mateo County-employed physicians.  This time will be exclusively used for doing patient care duties that are not normally scheduled but nonetheless need to be completed by each physician.  Their...

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San Mateo County in Negotiations

Negotiations with San Mateo County are progressing at a very slow pace.  A big factor in setting that pace is the complexity of the County’s proposal to modify the defined benefit plan for future employees.  On October 27, 2010, the County submitted its comprehensive...

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San Mateo County In Negotiations

UAPD-represented doctors in San Mateo are gearing up for what will likely be a challenging round of bargaining, with the next meetings taking place in late August.  While San Mateo County has announced its intention to make  cuts in all county bargaining units,...

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