Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Contract Improvements Go Into Effect

After several months of re-opener bargaining, the UAPD team signed a Tentative Agreement with Santa Cruz County that was approved by the County Board of Supervisors.  That means that all the improvements (see below) will now go into effect.  In addition to more than...

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Santa Cruz County Health Premium Issue Resolved

In Santa Cruz County, CalPERS implemented the plan cost increases for 2014 before Santa Cruz County was allowed to increase the amount it pays towards doctors' health plans, as agreed to in UAPD negotiations.   CalPERS is requiring the County to undergo a fairly...

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Santa Cruz Doctors Ratify New Contract

The tentative agreement reached by the UAPD Bargaining Team and Santa Cruz County on October 10, 2013 has been overwhelmingly approved by members.  The contract will go into effect as soon as it is approved by the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors, who will consider it...

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UAPD Goes to Factfinding in Santa Cruz County

When a session with a mediator failed to result in an acceptable agreement with Santa Cruz County in July, UAPD filed a request for fact finding with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).   Since then, we've created a fact finding panel consisting of one UAPD...

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More Coverage of Santa Cruz Contract Fight

UAPD continues its media campaign to encourage Santa Cruz County to take their doctor shortage seriously.  The Santa Cruz Weekly clearly conveyed the crux of the issue in an article this week, which starts by saying, "Dr. Joann Moschella has a clear message for her...

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Santa Cruz Doctors Petition Supervisors

Clinic physicians and psychiatrists working for the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency have delivered a message to the County Supervisors that begins: "The physicians of Santa Cruz County share a commitment to providing the highest quality health care to all...

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