Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

BU 16 Doctors and PLP Scheduling

Each full time employee will be credited with eight (8) hours of Personal Leave Program time (PLP 2012) on the first day of each pay period beginning July 2012 and continuing for twelve (12) consecutive pay periods afterward. PLP  2012 must be used in the month in...

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Bargaining Unit 16 Reaches New Agreement with State

After several meetings, UAPD  reached a side-letter agreement with the State of California regarding the 2012-2013 budget.  Because the overwhelming majority of UAPD members who participated in the online survey and telephone town hall meeting said they preferred...

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State Contract Extended for One Year

The Department of Personnel Administration and Governor Jerry Brown have agreed to a one-year extension of the agreement that covers UAPD doctors working for the State of California in Bargaining Unit 16.  That agreement now expires on July 1, 2013, and all applicable...

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Out of State CME Covered by BU 16 Contract

Under the UAPD contract for State BU 16 employees, there is no distinction between out-of-state and in-state CME courses, with both kinds qualifying for "up to seven (7) days per fiscal year of Continuing Medical Education (CME) leave and reasonable travel time" and...

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Furlough Case Takes Disappointing Turn

Oon May 16th, UAPD was dismayed to learn that San Francisco’s First District Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision in favor of  UAPD on the issue of furloughs. In a case first filed in 2009, UAPD argued that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had not received...

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