California State of California Doctors

Bargaining Update 6/24/16

Below is a summary of topics covered during the last few weeks of bargaining.  As always, there is a limit to how many issues we can address in each session. Please contact your labor representative if you have questions about an issue not yet covered. Fixing the...

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Bargaining Update 6/1/16

Four members came to bargaining today to discuss the lack of parity between Physician Surgeons from the Department of State Hospitals and those doing the same work within the Department of Corrections. The presenters were Hossein Akhavan, MD (Atascadero), Dr. Ali...

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Bargaining Update for BU 16 for 5/24/16

Last week the State made a presentation on OPEB, Other Post-Employment Benefits. OPEB are the benefits other than pension that retired workers receive from the employer, such as retiree health benefits. The State provided data indicating $436 million in unfunded...

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BU 16 Bargaining Update 5/12/16

At today’s meeting with the State, we continued to discuss their responses to our information requests. Their Chief Negotiator clarified which of the dozens of reports they have provided gives the clearest picture of the vacancy rate in our unit, an important issue...

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UAPD Lobbies Against UC Pension Attacks

On Wednesday April 20, UAPD joined AFSCME 3299, the California Nurses’ Association, and the Teamsters in a united lobbying effort against a proposed attack on the University of California pension. Ten teams of employees and staff met with 54 legislators and key...

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BU 16 Bargaining Update 4/21/16

Today was the first day of Bargaining Unit 16 negotiations. After introductions, both sides agreed to the ground rules that will govern this round of bargaining. Prior to the start of negotiations, Chief Negotiator Nereyda Rivera requested several types of information...

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