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Among our thousands of UAPD members are not only talented and dedicated doctors, but talented and dedicated people with a variety of ideas, interests, families and accomplishments. Each month UAPD will showcase one of our members.

If you would like to nominate yourself or one of your UAPD colleagues as a member of the month, please contact the UAPD president or the Oakland office at




February of 2018: Bennet Omalu


These days I cannot run into my local grocery store to briefly pick up an item and go my way without someone stopping me, asking me if I was the concussion doctor and wanting to chat or take a selfie. Many will tell me that they are so excited and happy for me, that they would want to be like me, having been featured in a Hollywood movie, in award winning documentaries and books. How I wish that could happen, how I wish I could trade places with them, and have my life back. I will do everything within my means to take my life back and do the simple and joyful things of life unnoticed. Today, even when I send out a tweet or write a letter of resignation from my job, it makes international news. I wish I was not the forensic pathologist on duty on September 28, 2002 on the mountains of Allegheny when Mike Webster came to the medical examiner’s office in Pittsburgh. The Mike Webster autopsy changed my life, and our world. I give him all the credit. He has saved countless lives and impacted so many lives in very good ways. He was a great man in life and remains a great man in death.


Mike Webster’s story taught me a lot about the way I live my life. I celebrate the love of God in everything I do, in my family life, my job and in all my professional and social interactions. We all belong to the family of mankind. We are all members of one another, and whatever we do even to the least of us, we do to all of us. This is why I have always been a strong believer in Unions especially the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) of which I am a member.  We must love one another and be our brother’s keeper. Belonging to a union is a testament of my faith in love, truth and light.


I have great respect and admiration for the UAPD. Through my professional challenges and tribulations, the UAPD has “always had my back”. UAPD fervently believes and defends the rights of physicians to practice medicine independently. Moreover, the Union embodies all the qualities necessary in putting patient care first. I am grateful to the UAPD.


Having grown up in Nigeria, which is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, I became sensitive to the misappropriation of truth and propositions of alternative truths. Like I have said in my memoir, “Truth, Doesn’t Have a Side”, there is only one Truth, which does not have a side, perspective or prospective. That one Truth can only enlighten you, set you free and help you become the man and woman that you were born to be. This is what I constantly share with my lovely wife Prema, and our two children, Ashly and Mark. I seek this perfection of the Truth in my job and in my family life. I celebrate life with my family and friends, for the greatest gift of our lives is the gift of life. Let us all continue celebrating this gift for it is a wonderful thing.


Long Live the Unions!!


— Bennet Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH, CPE, DABP-AP,CP,FP,NP
President, Bennet Omalu Pathology