About UAPD Membership

The Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) is a labor union that represents employees, primarily physicians and dentists, at many workplaces.  Working at a UAPD-represented facility does not automatically make you a member of UAPD.  Becoming a member of the union requires that you sign and return a membership application.

Member Dues Versus Fair Share Fees

Those who are not UAPD members are still required to pay fair share fees to the union.  Those fees are deducted by your employer.  Those who sign an application to become a UAPD member will pay dues, which are only .04% more than the fair share fees that everyone must pay.  For example:

$5000 in earnings x .86% = $43 in Fair Share Fees for non-members
$5000 in earnings x .90% = $45 in Dues for members
Member dues are just $2 more.

Check Out Our Video on Membership

Am I a Member?

Call the UAPD office at 1-800-622-0909 if you are not sure about your status.

Membership Has Many Benefits

In exchange for a small amount of money, members receive many additional benefits.  As a union member, you will get up-to-date information from UAPD about what’s going on in your workplace and the union as a whole.  Only members can attend union meetings, vote in elections, submit bargaining surveys, become stewards, and ratify contracts.  Members can apply for grants from the UAPD Legal Defense Fund (which helps pay attorney fees when a member is falsely accused of wrongdoing at work).  They gain access to free online and in-person Continuing Medical Education programs presented by UAPD.

You also make the union stronger and better able to represent your interests by becoming a UAPD member.  The larger and better organized we are, the more likely we are to persuade management and politicians to see things from our point of view.

Return a Member Application Today

Union membership costs only a few dollars more than the fair share fees that non-members pay.  The benefits, however, are great.  Please download, sign and return your membership application today to join UAPD.