UAPD Updates

City and County of San Francisco Members Ratify Contract

Dear Colleague: Senior Representative Patricia Hernandez reports that San Francisco members have overwhelmingly ratified the Tentative Agreement.  Voting on the Agreement closed on May 26, 2009.  The new contract remains in effect until 2011. UAPD members have voted...

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CCSF Bargaining Team Reaches Tentative Agreement

After 5 hours of talks on May 15th, the UAPD Negotiating Team (Senior Representative Patricia Hernandez, Deborah Brown, MD, Roger Wu, MD, Jon Smith, MD, and Derek Kerr, MD) reached a Tentative Agreement with the City.  The Bargaining Team unanimously recommends...

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Los Angeles County Votes YES on Fair Share Fees

With all the ballots counted, Los Angeles physicians voted in favor of instituting Fair Share Fees in their bargaining unit.  Now all physicians, regardless of their membership status, will share—fairly!—the costs of running a union from which all physicians benefit. ...

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UAPD Resolves Payroll Errors Plaguing Los Angeles Doctors

As of 5-8-09, UAPD has written confirmation from Los Angeles County Payroll and Personnel Services that it will correct the paychecks of Los Angeles County/UCLA doctors who had not received the January 3% increase negotiated by UAPD last year.  Those affected will see...

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State Bargaining Update for January 15, 2009

Bargaining was put on hold for the month of December, as the budget crisis has left the DPA without the authority to bargain productively over economic issues. Bargaining is set to resume at the end of January.

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UAPD Part of Massive Challenge to Governor’s Furlough Plan

UAPD is part of a coalition of unions that is challenging the governor's furlough plan in court. The hearing date for the union-sponsored cases has been set for Jan. 29. Union attorneys will argue that the governor lacks the power to arbitrarily cut state worker...

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