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Difficult Negotiatons with AHS

December 22, 2014

Alameda Health Systems’ persistent failure to be prepared for bargaining sessions shows disrespect to the UAPD membership and the bargaining process.  Bargaining has been cancelled four times due to lack of preparation on the part of AHS.

In addition, AHS has failed to provide vital information necessary for the Union to prepare and respond to proposals.  Only recently did the team finally receive a comprehensive wage proposal from AHS.  That wage proposal is so complicated and fragmented, that even the AHS team had trouble explaining it.

Click here to read an important bargaining update from the UAPD Bargaining Team at Alameda Health System (AHS), which gives details of the substandard offer from AHS.

UAPD and Alameda Health Services Far Apart in Bargaining

December 4, 2014

Alameda Health Services has shown itself to be ill-prepared to bargain with UAPD doctors.  Over the last few months, they have cancelled four sessions of bargaining with UAPD.  AHS has also failed to provide vital information necessary for the Union to prepare and respond to proposals.  Last week, UAPD finally received a comprehensive wage proposal, but it was both complicated and fragmented.  AHS proposes creating a convoluted system for granting lump sum quarterly bonuses to doctors, dependent on various measures, including productivity standards that even management agreed are impossible to reach.  AHS is against granting any base wage increases for UAPD physicians, despite the recently negotiated increases for OakCare doctors, who will receive an 18% increase in the next 24 months.  The UAPD bargaining team is communicating with members to gather reactions to the AHS proposal.

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Gardner Begins E/PERC Meetings

October 18, 2014

Gardner providers had their first E/PERC Committee meeting on October 16, 2014. Union members and management came together to discuss several issues impacting providers’ schedules and workloads. This E/PERC shall be an ongoing committee between labor and management, which will convene to address Medicine, Dental, and Optometry.  The first meeting focused on Medicine’s scheduling templates, work flow, and best practices.  Read more …

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Next CCSF Raise

October 12, 2014

Classes 2230, 2232, and 2233 will receive salary increases ranging from 10.8% at the highest Steps to 12.1% for Steps 3 through 5, effective January 3, 2015.

These raises are the final installment of increases that your bargaining team successfully fought for in UAPD’s 2012-2015 contract with the City. As always, hourly and annualized pay for all Steps can be found on the City’s Classification and Compensation website:

Negotiations for a successor contract will begin in early spring. A bargaining survey will be distributed to all Union members via email at that time.

Message from UAPD’s AHS Bargaining Committee

September 12, 2014

Your UAPD Committee has been meeting with AHS Management weekly since August to negotiate a new contract for the UAPD physicians and dentists.  So far, we have proposed improvements to tuition reimbursement; increased educational leave; board certification fee reimbursement; improvements to health and leave benefits; and, most importantly, protected administrative time and patient panel caps for Ambulatory Care physicians.   In two weeks UAPD will be submitting a comprehensive wage proposal, which will include both cost of living and market adjustments.   Initially, the deadline for proposals was set for next week, however, AHS requested to extend the deadline to September 24th because they “had to make a few changes to their economic proposal after identifying and correcting an error in the physician data.”

Management has advanced several proposals, most of which consist of “clean-up” language that addresses employer mandates under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  However, two of their proposals aim to reduce the legal rights of the Union and of the doctors – contrary to state and federal laws.  So, we anticipate management’s wage proposal to be another weapon against UAPD represented doctors, so be prepared for a fight!

Santa Clara Contract Approved

July 14, 2014

With unanimous support, UAPD members approved the tentative agreement on Wednesday.  The County Board of Supervisors will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 for the first hearing and vote.  The second reading will occur on August 5, 2014.  Two readings are required before the BOS for County ratification.

Salary increases will be effective retroactively to July 7, 2014.

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TA reached in Santa Clara County

July 3, 2014

On July 2nd, the UAPD Bargaining Team in Santa Clara County reached a tentative agreement with their employer during mandatory mediation.  Mediation was scheduled after doctors in the unit voted to reject an offer made by the County in April.   A major issue of contention was the County’s demand for language that would allow them to unilaterally assign shift and location coverage to doctors whenever operationally necessary.  Instead, the County has agreed to offer premium pay for night and weekend shifts in its 24-hour facilities in order to recruit volunteers to work those shifts.  Also as a result of the agreement, all members will receive a 9.5% increase over the next two years plus an additional increase of 6.491% in exchange for picking up the employee contribution to retirement (all salary increases and differentials will be based on the new base salary, which includes the 6.491% increase).  The tentative agreement contains other significant economic gains, including moving many doctors to a higher classification with an additional 4.5% increase.  The Santa Clara Bargaining Team has encouraged UAPD members to approve this contract.

Santa Clara County Mediation Set for June 4, 2014

May 22, 2014

On June 4, 2014, UAPD and Santa Clara County will submit to mandatory mediation under the county ordinances. A mediator, assigned by the State Mediation and Conciliation Services, will work with both sides to try to reach agreement for a successor MOU.  A major issue of contention is the “mandatory assignment” language that would have allow the County to unilaterally assign shift/location coverage to our members whenever operationally necessary.  UAPD is committed to using this process as effectively as possible. As such, the Union has requested release time for 2-3 additional UAPD members to augment the negotiating committee so that more of your voices can be heard.   Those who are interested in participating should call Patricia Hernandez in the UAPD Oakland Office (1-800-622-0909).

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Salary Increases Negotiated for San Francisco Doctors

May 12, 2014

The current collective bargaining agreement between UAPD and the City runs from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015. In spite of the contract being closed, two important changes have just been negotiated.

The UAPD contract has a “re-opener” clause concerning recruitment and retention. This clause dictates that if there’s a demonstrable recruitment/retention problem, the Union can bring the City to the bargaining table. UAPD easily demonstrated DPH’s inability to recruit enough COPC primary care physicians back in December. Read more …

AHS Doctors Will Not Be Forced into Foundation

March 22, 2014

UAPD-represented doctors working for Alameda Health System (AHS) have asked whether they, along with the unrepresented doctors working at Highland Hospital, will be forced into the new foundation being created by AHS.  The answer  is no.  UAPD took action last year to stop AHS from placing UAPD doctors in that foundation, which would have nullified the UAPD contract and all its protections.

Last year, UAPD learned that AHS was planning to employ doctors through a separate foundation not covered by the UAPD agreement.  In response, UAPD and AFSCME sponsored a bill,  AB 1008, to close the loophole in California law that gave hospital authorities like the one that runs AHS the leeway to contract out work.   AB 1008 was signed into law in September of 2013.   Under the new law, from now until 2024 AHS is strictly limited in its ability to enter into contracts to replace services now being provided by UAPD physicians and surgeons.  Prior to entering into a contract, AHS must show that using outside contractors instead of civil service doctors would save money, which would be very difficult to do.  AHS must also negotiate with UAPD over the decision to privatize, and unresolved disputes must be submitted to final binding arbitration — a point that was strongly opposed by AHS.  The law was designed to make it extremely difficult — essentially impossible — to place UAPD doctors in the new foundation.


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