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New Clinic Joins UAPD

November 19, 2015

Providers at the To Help Everyone (THE) Health and Wellness Centers in Los Angeles have joined UAPD and negotiated their first contract.  The new UAPD contract was overwhelmingly ratified by members.   A contract summary is below, and the full text of the Agreement will be distributed once it is finalized.  Congratulations to all!

Summary of T.H.E. Contract
  • 5% across the board increases (3 guaranteed + 2 merit) in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Higher entry level salaries
  • Progressive Discipline – Guarantee that any disciplinary action be fair and backed by evidence.
  • Grievance Procedure – A clear procedure for setting disputes between the employer and providers.
  • Binding Arbitration – A neutral third party to settle any disputes that cannot be resolved in house.
  • Layoff Based on Seniority and Classification – Guarantee that any layoffs will be conducted fairly.
  • 40 hours CE after 1 full year of employment, excluding PTO  (PTO starts after 90 days)
  • NP’s and PA’s are allowed up to $1000.00 in CE reimbursement
  • MDs and DDS are allowed up to $1500.00 in CME/CE reimbursement

AHS Market Reopener on Salaries

November 9, 2015

UAPD has been meeting with AHS over the market reopener negotiated earlier this year.   UAPD prepared a comprehensive survey of the surrounding counties that shows that AHS salaries for specialties are below market, except for dental. View market survey here.

After two months of checking the accuracy of the Union’s survey, AHS did not dispute our survey results.   Yet they made an unreasonable proposal, which completely ignores the undisputed market survey.  View AHS proposal here.

UAPD met with management to analyze the quality measures for the first half of the incentive period.  The results so far show some clinics are not able to meet the unreasonable targets set by AHS.  The union has argued that this is due to system wide problems that the employer has not fixed, one of which is high physician vacancies.  View metrics report here.

No results for JGPP incentive measurements have been produced by AHS.

Santa Clara Doctors Protest Contracting Out Jobs

October 5, 2015

UAPD received notice that Traditions Behavioral Health and representatives of the County of Santa Clara had signed an agreement to immediately hire outside contractors to provide psychiatric services to the Main Jail, Elmwood Correctional Facility, and Elmwood Correctional Center for Women.  At about the same time, two doctors currently employed in the Main Jail were told that starting in October, custodial health services will be performed by TBH contractors rather public employees.

UAPD has launched a comprehensive campaign to urge the County Supervisors to reject that agreement, and a large number of Santa Clara doctors have joined the fight.  The County’s attempt to replace regular positions with contractors poses a direct threat to all Santa Clara doctor jobs and the services they provide to the community.
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All Three Los Angeles Groups in Bargaining

October 5, 2015

Los Angeles County Physicians (324), Psychiatrists and Dentists (325) and Pharmacists (301) are all at the table this month.  One of the ways that an employer gauges the strength of a union during bargaining is by its membership rate — the percentage of people who have chosen to sign an application to become full members rather than remain fair share fee payers.  Over the next few weeks, UAPD staff will be working across Los Angeles County to maximize our level of membership.  LA County members are asked to  give organizers a hand locating the non-members, and to speak to their colleagues about the importance of being a UAPD member.  The contract we’re negotiating covers everyone — and the more people who become members, the better that contract will be.

Here is a brief update of where each group is in negotiations:

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Alameda Doctors Unsatisfied with County Offer

October 5, 2015

Alameda County currently has over a 50% vacancy rate among Physician llls and is spending $190 per hour on locum tenens to provide some coverage.  Last fiscal year alone, the County spent $1.55 million dollars on locum coverage.  To explain the vacancy rate, the UAPD bargaining team presented management with comparisons between doctor salaries in Alameda County and elsewhere in the Bay Area.  Alameda County is at the bottom of the list when recent salary increases in San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Kaiser are taken into account.  In fact, Alameda County is about 15%-20% below the market when compared to those employers.
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Solano County Agreement Ratified

October 4, 2015

Solano County doctors have ratified a new MOU that covers the period from September 29, 2015 to September 23, 2017.  The Agreement starts with an immediate 5% increase, then adds other economic gains.

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Santa Barbara Doctors At Table

October 2, 2015
Santa Barbara doctors have just begun bargaining for a new contract.  The current contract expires on November 22nd of this year.   The UAPD Bargaining Team consists of three doctors who represent both the Public Health and Mental Health Departments.  In addition to salary improvements, the team is making proposals to expand continuing education benefits (both the time off and the reimbursement amounts) and to improve call, standby, and call-back language.  Achieving parity with what Santa Barbara County has negotiated with other union is a key component of this contract campaign.


NEVHC Providers Stand Up for Colleague

September 9, 2015

UAPD members at NEVHC delivered 10 pages of petitions to the Chief Medical Officer & CEO.  The petitions, signed by NEVHC providers & staff, protested the unjust termination of a veteran NEVHC provider with 25 years of loyal service to the community.  This is how we stand up for one another!


LA County Members Stand Up for Department Integration

August 12, 2015

On August 11th the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of integrating the existing health care departments into a single agency.  More than 25 UAPD members, doctors and pharmacists, testified in favor of integration before the vote took place.  Many more took time to write letters to the Supervisors and sign petitions in favor of the integration.

UAPD believes that all members in Los Angeles County stand to benefit from integration.  A single agency is better for County workers, patients, and the bottom line — it is simply a good idea.

However, the integration plan faced opposition, most of which was organized by outside contractors who fear that their business with the County will decrease if services are brought together under one agency staffed by permanent County employees.  There were hundreds of people on hand at the meeting who opposed the plan.  But the County Board of Supervisors also heard from from UAPD members about the benefits of integration.  Doctors and pharmacists gave dozens of concrete examples of how integration can improve patient care while saving money.

This was the first time that the Los Angeles County physician unit, dentist and psychiatrist unit, and pharmacist unit were able to join forces to achieve a goal.  But it won’t be the last — we are sure that there will be many more opportunities for these UAPD members to work together in the future.

San Mateo County Doctors Settle Strong Contract

August 5, 2015
The UAPD Bargaining Committee (Drs. Anand Chabra, Richard Ehling, John Herbert, Manuel Pena, and Zachary Plaut) urged members to vote YES and ratify this agreement, which they did.  Having been negotiated over two months, this four year agreement contains significant wage and equity increases, along with benefit improvements, for all members.   Under this contract, members will see a wage increase of 14.5%-18.5% (depending on seniority) in the first year alone.   You can download a summary of the new agreement here or by going to
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