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When doctors organize, everyone benefits.

For Current Members

Find information about your UAPD contract as well as the latest news from your facility and other UAPD groups.

Membership Applications

Those working at a facility represented by UAPD must fill out an application to become a member of UAPD.

Organize a New Union

Do you need a union to represent doctors and other providers where you work? Wondering how a new union is formed? Here’s where you start.

what uapd MEMBERS gain


Greater Control

By forming a union can doctors gain a legally protected right to negotiate with their employers as equals. This gives doctors a true voice over their earnings, benefits, and working conditions.


Higher Wages

UAPD has negotiated significant salary increases for its members in every bargaining unit that it represents.


Humane Schedules

UAPD has negotiated an average workweek of 40 hours in the facilities it represents.


Better Benefits

UAPD has negotiated improvements on pension plans, health and dental insurance, educational leave, malpractice coverage, and other benefits for thousands of members.


More Respect

Many UAPD contracts contain language to defend the professional judgment of doctors first in decision making.


Job Security

Employers must show just-cause for discipline or termination, and doctors have a right to bring disputes before a neutral third-party arbitrator.

About Us

Founded by a private practice physician in 1972, UAPD has grown into the largest union representing licensed doctors in the United States. UAPD members work for state and county government, large healthcare organizations and small non-profit clinics, and in private practice. Affiliated with AFSCME and the AFL-CIO, UAPD brings the strength of the labor movement to the aid of working doctors in the interest of better medicine for all.


Non-Profit Clinics

UAPD represents doctors and other providers in a growing number of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in California. No group is too large or too small to have a union.

Large Health Systems

Doctors at the Washington-based Multicare are now part of UAPD.

State Facilities

UAPD represents all physicians and dentists employed by the State of California. This includes the thousands of doctors who work in state prisons, veterans homes, and mental health hospitals.

County Facilities

UAPD represents doctors working in many California counties, including Los Angeles County, the City and County of San Francisco, and Alameda County.


UAPD represents student health doctors working for the University of California and California State University.

In Private Practice

Private practice doctors from anywhere in the country can become part of our union.

latest news

UAPD Members Present Petition TO NEVHC CEO

UAPD Members Present Petition TO NEVHC CEO

UAPD members at Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) delivered a petition signed by more than 100 providers to Kim Wyard, NEVHC CEO, on Wednesday, May 31. The petition demanded the addition of disciplinary language in their employment contract. The next day at...

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PeaceHealth Caregivers Seek Union Status

PeaceHealth Caregivers Seek Union Status

Dozens of providers at PeaceHealth in Whatcom County could vote to unionize, citing inadequate pay, fears over job security and burnout. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives have been in behind-the-scenes discussions with the Union of...

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State Bargaining Update

State Bargaining Update

The UAPD will provide regular updates throughout negotiations. Every Wednesday, the bargaining committee has a full day of caucus to discuss strategy and prepare counter proposals followed by bargaining with the state every Thursday. If you have any questions or would...

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