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UAPD Ratifies Contract with Ventura County!

The results of the ratification vote came in and the bargaining team is pleased to announce the ratification of the new tentative agreement reached with Ventura county. The tentative agreement received a strong 91% approval rating from members.

Congratulations to all Ventura county providers on this historic day! Your bargaining team thanks you for your patience during these last few months of negotiations and for your participation in the multiple town hall meetings and surveys during that time. Your dedication and commitment made it all possible!

Ventura County Recognizes UAPD Doctors and Providers

It took 10 years of legal and political maneuvering, but last week Ventura County officials informed UAPD that it will be recognized as the exclusive representative of approximately 119 providers in multiple Ventura county clinics.

Bargaining will commence the first week in December. 

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New Bargaining Unit 16 MOU Now Available

The Bargaining Unit 16 Memorandum of Understanding for 2020 through 2022 is now available digitally in PDF format.

Physical copies will also be available to members upon request in the coming weeks. If you would like a physical copy, contact either the Northern Headquarter or Southern California offices with your mailing address.

An Important Message for All UAPD Members Regarding COVID-19

Covid-19 is causing major changes to the way that we go about our lives and work as health care professionals. Social distancing and telework can be difficult to achieve, depending upon your particular workplace. Here are some general work guidelines for UAPD workers, distilled from individual departments, organizations, and government edicts.

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