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UAPD Pulse: Now Hear This… All Hands on Deck!

October 17, 2017

By Stuart A. Bussey, MD, JD, UAPD President

I just returned from the AFSCME-SEIU joint attorney conference in Washington D.C., and the news there wasn’t particularly good. The union busting Janus v. AFSCME case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in January and likely be decided by next June. The consensus of the vast majority of the top union attorneys was that agency or “fair share” fees will be prohibited the day after the Court’s adverse decision. Right-wing groups will then contact our members to encourage them to drop their membership and get union services without paying any dues— to free ride.

What does this mean to all public unions, including UAPD?   If people choose to be free riders, union income would be severely diminished, and all UAPD services—negotiations, grievances, legal, educational, organizing and legislative–would be seriously curtailed or eliminated.  Some unions will not survive Janus, but the well-organized ones will.
I now call on all of you to step up to keep our union strong.  The Janus case and further attacks by anti-labor forces will not be going away anytime soon. Reductions in services will occur…UNLESS…all of us consistently and patiently endeavor to convert our fair share members into full paying members and keep our members fully engaged.

Imagine your job and career working for your employer without a union to protect you or to negotiate a good contract. Imagine not being able to file a grievance to enforce these hard fought contracts. Imagine not having a healthy steward system or staff to turn to for advice and support. Imagine having no political and legal muscle to improve working conditions and defend pensions.  Who will stand up for your pension if unions are gone?  This is precisely what is facing us next year if we don’t get your full support and energy to increase our membership now.

The UAPD Board has told staff and stewards that organizing is our top priority.  In the coming days and weeks our UAPD staff and member doctors will be calling on you to recommit yourself to the union that has been and always will be there for you. We will need your advice and efforts to sign up all fair share members as full members. Please answer this critical call to keep UAPD strong and healthy.

Governor Brown Signs UAPD Bill Stopping Contractors

September 28, 2017

Governor Brown has signed AB 1538 into law. The bill is a follow-up to AB 1008, which was signed in 2013 to protect our bargaining unit in Alameda County. AB 1538 reaffirms that UAPD is the exclusive bargaining representative of Alameda County physicians irrespective of when a physician joins the bargaining unit.  Thank you all for the work doctors and staff put into getting the bill passed.  Read more about the bill here.


Register Now – UAPD Annual Meeting and Free CME

August 29, 2017

The UAPD Annual Meeting and Free CME will be held on Saturday, October 28th at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott (5855 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles) (MAP).  All UAPD members are invited to attend. 

For each of the events listed below, you can register online here.  Most UAPD members are responsible for their own transportation and hotel costs to attend the meetings.  UAPD will provide members with passes to cover parking at the hotel. 

Saturday, October 28

  • 1 pm to 2  pm – UAPD Annual Meeting.  UAPD President Dr. Stuart Bussey will lead a meeting of all UAPD members.  Find out what’s going on in every sector of UAPD.
  • 2 pm to 4 pm – Washington, State of California, County, CSU/UC, Retiree, and Private Practice Breakout Sessions.  Meet with other UAPD members and staff from your own sector to discuss common issues.
Read more about: Featured, Member Benefits

Clarification about State Doctor Salary Memo

August 14, 2017

UAPD has received questions from CDCR and CCHCS doctors regarding a recent memorandum that was distributed to employees. The memorandum was titled “Excluded and Exempt Salary Increases for Fiscal Year 17-18.”
The 2017 pay increases described in that memorandum do not apply to doctors in BU 16 (aka UAPD-represented doctors).  Per the UAPD’s Memorandum of Understanding with the State, the 2017 pay increase for BU 16 doctors is 3%, and it went into effect on July 1st.  You can review this summary of the economic agreements in the current MOU; the entire MOU will be circulated once Cal-HR finishes preparing the document.
The “Excluded and Exempt” memorandum you received describes the 2017 salary increases for those who supervise doctors working in BU 16.  Managers (M16) and Supervisors (S16) of BU 16 doctors will receive a 2% increase this year. 

Update on Coleman Lawsuit

August 14, 2017

As part of our ongoing collaboration, UAPD President Stuart Bussey and staff held a call with Coleman plaintiffs’ attorneys last week. The attorneys were able to present a compelling case that CDCR is not providing adequate mental health care, based in part on evidence collected by UAPD. According to the attorneys, while Federal District Judge Kimberly Mueller is committed to improving mental health care in CDCR, there is no specific time frame for further court action. That is disappointing, but both the actions of the Court and the timeline for them are fully under the discretion of Judge Mueller.

UAPD and the plaintiffs’ attorneys know that raising psychiatrists’ salaries is a necessary step toward improving mental health care inside the prisons. UAPD will continue to monitor the progress of this case and contribute where we can.

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