After winning a successful card authorization campaign, the UAPD was officially certified as the sole representative for Los Angeles County physicians on September 24th, 2007. Almost seven hundred physician specialists and physicians comprise the bargaining unit. On Friday October 26th, the UAPD met with LA county representatives to begin the negotiations for a new Memorandum of Understanding. After introductions, discussions focused on ground rules to assure an orderly process.

The parties agreed to schedule weekly meetings. Since this will be a first contract, we have to cover “everything”: purpose, salaries and benefits, recognition, health and safety, grievances, etc. It is our intention to get through all non monetary items first so that we may focus on the compensation package.

During the November 14th meeting, the UAPD presented a set of proposals to the county. After discussion and counterproposals, both sides tentatively agreed (TA’d) 7 of the 9 proposals. Our bargaining team felt that the talks were productive. We hope to negotiate a new MOU in a relatively short period of time. Both sides are motivated to negotiate long awaited pay raises.

UAPD will keep you informed of our progress on a frequent basis. Our next meeting is November, 21st.

Stuart Bussey, M.D., J.D.
UAPD President