Bargaining Update for July 23, 2008

Our most recent session of bargaining took place on Wednesday, July 23.

Department of Social Services Information – On Wednesday, Robert Stavis from the Department of Social Services (DSS) gave a lengthy presentation in response to our information request of a number of weeks ago. Our information request sought detailed information about staffing, caseload, funding, quality control, and other issues in DSS, and Stavis provided a great deal of data which we can use in support of our position that DSS physicians, who were not included in last year’s round of pay increases, are underpaid. Dr. Stuart Bussey and Dr. Richard Dann took the lead in responding to Mr. Stavis, and raising appropriate follow-up questions. The UAPD team continues to review the material provided by Stavis.

Rollover – Both the State and UAPD continue to identify those articles which need not be renegotiated in this round of bargaining. On Wednesday, both sides agreed to rollover a handful of these articles. The UAPD team continues to carefully review the entire contract, to identify all areas in need of improvement.

New Language – The UAPD team spent the afternoon of the 23rd writing the language of the next set of proposals we will make at the table.

Our next day of bargaining is on Wednesday, July 30th.