Bargaining Update for July 9, 2008

Bargaining Update: The UAPD Bargaining Team met with representatives from the State of California for the fourth time on Wednesday, July 9, 2008. The following topics were among those discussed:

Contractors: The State began to provide the information UAPD requested about the number of outside contractors doing bargaining unit work in the various departments. We were not surprised to learn that Atascadero State Hospital continues to show the greatest problems in this area, with an unacceptable 48 positions held by contractors. DMH Chief of Labor Relations Candace Murch confirmed that the state had significantly reduced the wage offered to contractors in this latest round, with the hope that many of the contractors would see permanent employment as a more attractive option. In general, UAPD knows that the large number of contractors in many agencies is evidence of a recruitment and retention problem that can be corrected only by making improvements in this round of bargaining.

Discipline of State Doctors: Once again, the State was not prepared to give us the information we requested about doctors currently facing disciplinary procedures.

AB 3043: As previously reported, AB 3043, the bill that finalizes the last of the 2007 salary increases, was signed into law last week. In bargaining the State team informed us that they hope to get pay letters and the first pay checks out in August. Doctors awaiting these raises should look for a separate check with money retroactive to January 1, followed by an increase on their regular paychecks, in August. See http://www.uapd.com/wiki/uapd/state-employed_doctors for more information.

DHCS and DPH Funding: Dr. Quattlebaum presented a detailed information request at the table, in which the Union sought better information on the recruitment, retention, and funding of doctors in DHCS and DPH. The information request was similar to a request made about DSS by Dr. Bussey in an earlier meeting. The State has agreed to respond to the DSS information request on July 23, and will respond to the request for DHCS and DPH information after that.

Membership Fees: UAPD proposed that Dental Consultants be reimbursed for the cost of their required ADA, CDA, and county dental association memberships.

DMH Question and Answer: Candace Murch of DMH responded to the Union’s questions on a number of issues. Murch will look into the fact that some managers are taking call assignments that should be offered to bargaining unit doctors. Both sides agreed to meet separately over the mortality review policy. We had a lengthy discussion of the efficacy of the recovery model and its mall hour requirement, but DMH showed no willingness to adjust the policy. Murch stated that the program will have to be fully implemented over five years before DMH could evaluate its effects.

Rollover: The State proposed continuing ten contract articles without change. The team will review the proposals, and will make counterproposals on those articles that we believe should be improved.

The next bargaining date is July 30.