Los Angeles County Stipend Negotiations Reaching an End

You may have already heard the good news!  Last week the County and UAPD signed off on an historic agreement on how the USC County Physicians’ stipends and benefits will be forthwith handled.  Under the new agreement, all tenured physicians will stay on the County’s old Schedule P pay plan and continue to receive whatever stipends and benefits USC provides them—in other words, for tenured physicians, things are as they were before.  Nontenured current cash stipend will be incorporated into their base salary as they are placed on the County’s new Schedule D pay plan,  as described in Article 7, Salaries, Section 2A of the recent BU 324 MOU.  The effective date for placement on Schedule D will be retroactive to July 1, 2008.  Those non-tenured professors who decide to maintain their current situation will remain on the County’s old Schedule P pay plan and continue to receive USC stipends and benefits.  Representatives from Los Angeles County, USC and UAPD will be available to meet one-on-one with Physicians to explain the impact of all three options on each person’s individual circumstances.  We anticipate a similar agreement will be reached regarding stipended UCLA physicians very shortly.  These agreements are the result of the intense and creative negotiation between UAPD and the County since the early summer. physicians, however, will be offered a choice of becoming a University employee, becoming a County employee, or maintaining their current relationship with USC and the County.  Those who choose to become University employees will have all their compensation provided by USC.  Those who choose to become County employees will be paid exclusively by the County and lose their status as paid USC employees, although they can maintain their working relationship with the University.