State Bargaining Update for November 20, 2008

Just like you, we keep waiting and waiting and waiting…

Negotiations between the UAPD’s Bargaining Unit 16 and the State are on hold through the month of December. In the last negotiations meeting, November 20, 2008, the State presented two takeaway proposals regarding holidays and furloughs. The State is proposing to take two holidays from the BU 16 employees’ current thirteen holidays. The State is also proposing that each State employee be required to take one furlough day a month, for the next nineteen (19) months. The BU 16 Negotiations Team is still in discussions with the State regarding CME reimbursement, On-Call hours and compensation, payment of board certification fees, liability insurance and other monetary proposals.

Negotiations will resume in January, 2009. Hopefully, the State will have a clearer understanding of its budget crisis and the BU 16’s constructive proposals.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll continue to keep you updated on a regular basis.