Los Angeles Bargaining Update September 2009

Negotiations began in August between UAPD’s two Los Angeles County Bargaining units and the County.  UAPD Bargaining Unit 324 represents County-employed Physicians, and Bargaining Unit 325 represents the Psychiatrists and Dentists.   While the two units negotiate separately, the proposals being presented by Los Angeles County for each unit so far are the same.
At the table the County has expressed its willingness to honor the salary step increases that were negotiated in the last contracts for each group.  The County negotiators say that it is working to avoid furloughs and layoffs for Bargaining Unit members.  To save money, they are proposing that the Physicians, Dentists and Psychiatrists bear the cost of any increases in the health insurance premium in the coming two years.   They are proposing a two-year agreement with UAPD, but they also want language that allows them to renegotiate the contract during that time should they declare a financial emergency.
UAPD has not yet responded to the County’s proposals regarding financial emergencies and health care increases.  Both UAPD teams have proposed language to make low-cost improvements to the existing contracts, for example, by upgrading the personal emergency alarm system so that panic buttons are properly positioned, maintained, and operated.