Governor’s Message on Furloughs: Over, for Now

Department of Personnel Administration Director Debbie Endsley sent a memo saying:

“With respect to furloughs, the current program ends June 30, and the Administration expects the State to resume normal hours of operation in July. The Governor’s budget proposal includes four proposals to reduce employee compensation costs: a wage cut, one day per month of unpaid leave, increased employee contributions to pensions, and the workforce cap. The Governor retains the right and authority to order furloughs if necessary to address a fiscal and cash crisis.”

The fight over furloughs has not ended, however, as UAPD and other unions continue a legal battle to accomplish two aims: 1) win back pay for the salary lost due to furloughs, and 2) clarify the law to make it impossible for Schwarzenegger or another governor to resort to furloughs in the future.