UAPD Independent Physicians Association (IPA)

The UAPD IPA is a statewide, non-profit Independent Physicians Association formed in 1993. It gives its members, who are also members of UAPD, access to eleven PPO contracts with more than 3,500,000 non-exclusive patient lives, plus seven industrial medicine contracts with an additional 1.2 million employee lives. One of the contracts is an old fashioned fee-for-service arrangement entered into by a laborers’ union that wanted an alternative to their stringent HMO contract. The UAPD IPA has low overhead costs and is not affiliated with any hospital, HMO, or for-profit investors, so providers do not have to worry about shareholders and executives compromising care to increase corporate profits. The UAPD IPA is not a closed panel, so you are able to keep your current affiliations and still participate. The UAPD IPA is physician friendly and affordable–once a doctor becomes a UAPD member, he or she can join the IPA and pay only $160 annually or $360 for a lifetime membership.

Contact Claudia Modrall, UAPD IPA Credentialing Coordinator, at 510-839-0193 for more information on joining UAPD and the UAPD IPA.

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