Free CME for UAPD Members

UAPD is offering a free, four credit CE/CME class for its members entitled “Doctor Patient Communication and Privacy:  New Laws and Technologies.”  The class takes place on Friday, October 22nd from 10 am – 2 pm at the Holiday Inn San Diego on the Bay.

The quality of physician–patient communication is a critical factor in treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction with care.  “Doctor-Patient Communication and Privacy:  New Laws and Technology” will examine how two new technologies, telemedicine and electronic health records,  have the potential to transform the way medicine is practiced, for better or for worse.  While some say both are advances that will benefit practitioners and patients, others argue that the two technologies are being promoted by vendors and managers, but don’t always correspond to the actual needs of clinicians in  the public sector and private practice.  The purpose of the class is to provide doctors, attorneys, and other experts to look impartially at both telemedicine and EHR, as well the laws surrounding them.   Participants will leave with a framework  to evaluate these technologies, decide on their applicable uses, and hopefully avoid the problems they might introduce.

Download Course Brochure HERE.

The CME is just one event during the UAPD Statewide Membership Meeting Weekend.