DSS Bonus Plan Suspension Becomes a Grievance

In the first round of a multi-step process, the Department of Social Services (DSS) has denied the grievance UAPD filed over their unilateral decision to terminate the Medical Consultant Bonus Program.  The DSS denial can be read in full here.  DSS claims that the Social Security Administration (SSA) “has determined that the current MC case review workload can be completed in a timely matter by using state MC resources in conjunction with available SSA MC resources, and has directed the state to utilize outside capacity when available.”

UAPD Labor Representative Zegory Williams is preparing the Union’s response, and will elevate the grievance to the next level later this week.  At the next grievance level, the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) will become part of the decision-making group.  UAPD will continue to update members about this issue.  Doctors who want to share their reactions to the DSS denial can direct their comments to the UAPD labor representative for their facility.

DSS Response to UAPD Medical Consultant_Bonus_Plan Grievance