Moving Closer to Recognition for UC

Attorneys for the University of California (UC) have informed UAPD that in addition to raises, cuts to pension and retiree health plans went into effect for student health center doctors on July 1.   Those cuts consist of a 1.5% increase in the amount employees must contribute toward pension, and a decrease in the health benefits that most employees will receive upon retirement.  UAPD had made clear to UC that we want to negotiate over those benefit changes at the bargaining table, and we intend to do so once contract negotiations begin.

On Wednesday, July 10, UAPD will participate in an informal settlement conference with UC and representatives from the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).  The goal of the conference is to overcome UC’s objections to the composition of our new bargaining unit, so that the union can be certified by PERB and bargaining can begin.  If the meeting does not end with a resolution, UAPD will continue through the process by which PERB investigates and then resolves the dispute.  We remain confident that our new unit will be recognized and bargaining will begin.