UC Unit Membership Clarified

An agreement regarding which student health center physicians and dentists will be represented by UAPD was finally signed on Friday, October 25. After months of stalling, and with a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) hearing set to begin in less than a week, UC agreed to terms largely unchanged from what the Union had proposed in mid-July.

The agreement specifies that those physicians (including psychiatrists), dentists, and podiatrists providing primary care who work more than four hours per month will be represented. Physicians, dentists, and podiatrists providing only specialized services who work more than four hours per week will also be represented.

These terms are a clear win for the doctors who have worked to form a union and have a united voice. UAPD and UC are now waiting for PERB’s final instructions on officially certifying UAPD as your exclusive bargaining representative. Once that happens, the Union will request that contract negotiations begin promptly.

Those doctors who did not complete the bargaining priorities survey in late May still can do so here.

Stay tuned for more news and soon, a message from your bargaining team.  Congratulations!