UAPD Retiree Chapter Elects New Officers

UAPD retired members at the union’s annual meeting in October elected Dr. Joyce Sutton as President of the UAPD’s retired members’ chapter.  Dr. Carol Smith was elected Vice-President of the Chapter.  Dr. Danilo Lucila was voted Secretary and former UAPD Executive Director Gary Robinson was elected Treasurer.

The union’s retired members’ chapter allows UAPD members to remain active in the union after they retire.  Members of the chapter continue to get up to date information from UAPD about the activities of the doctors’ union and the status of the CalPERS, UC, and county pension systems.  Union retirees are eligible to attend UAPD meetings and the union’s free continuing education seminars.

If you or any of your colleagues are planning on retiring from your positions, contact the UAPD Oakland office to receive a UAPD retiree membership form.  The dues are only $6 per month.  If you work for the state or a county that belongs to CalPERS, retiree dues can be paid by payroll deduction.   If your pension is not through CalPERS, you will be able to pay UAPD retiree dues by credit card or by check.