Delegates Inspire More Contributions to PEOPLE Fund

UAPD members elected six delegates (Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D., Ernest W. Fessler, D.D.S., Ronald Lewis, M.D., L. Lee Nelson, M.D., Alice Faye Singleton, M.D., and Robert W. Starr, D.D.S.) to attend the AFSCME PEOPLE Convention in Sacramento in mid-March.  The PEOPLE program is the lobbying and political fundraising apparatus of AFSCME, the international union with which UAPD is affiliated; their convention is held every year in California.

At this year’s convention, the delegates heard from AFSCME President Lee Saunders and many others about the political challenges that public employees will face in the coming year.  It probably comes as no surprise that public workers continue to be scapegoated and that retirement benefits are still under attack.  Having learned that UAPD was lagging behind in the number of people who contribute to the AFCME PEOPLE fund, the delegates sent a letter to members encouraging them to support the program.  More than 50 doctors responded by becoming PEOPLE contributors at the MVP level, a very strong response.  Those interested in signing up as PEOPLE MVPs can still contact the UAPD Oakland office (1-800-622-0909).