Exec Director Al Groh to Retire

As was first announced during October’s Triennial Convention, UAPD Executive Director Al Groh is retiring at the end of this year. Al Groh began his career in the labor movement as the Vice President of the Pacific Coast International Organization of Masters Mates and Pilots, then continued on as a representative for the California Association of Interns & Residents. He began working for UAPD as a labor representative in 1995, and became the union’s second Executive Director of UAPD in 2006. Throughout his years at UAPD, Al demonstrated himself to be a responsible, patient, effective and loyal colleague and supervisor. He presided over a long period of growth and prosperity for the union, and will be missed.

To fill the role of Executive Director, UAPD President Dr. Stuart Bussey has appointed long-time UAPD staff member Zegory Williams.  Zegory is currently the Regional Administrator in Sacramento and charged with running that office. He is known to many as the Chief Negotiator of the State Bargaining Unit 16 contract. He has worked for UAPD for 13+ years, starting off as a labor representative, and has spent 37 years working in the labor movement.

Zeg will officially take over the Executive Director job on January 1st, after Al Groh retires.  Until then he has been working with Al to get trained on his new responsibilities. The UAPD Board will be asked to approve Zegory’s new role during their January 22nd Board Meeting. Zegory is looking forward to spending more time in Oakland and in Southern California, where he will be working with staffers and members to improve services, increase organizing, and build union strength.