The State Employed Physicians Association (SEPA) nominating committee nominated a slate of doctors to be the SEPA Officers and At Large Board of Director members for a two year term.  SEPA is an advisory Local Union for the Union of American Physicians and Dentists.  Because no further nominations were submitted, the following candidates have been elected to the SEPA Board of Directors.

Officers – Elected

  • President-Elect Erika P. Wartena, M.D. (DSH)
  • Secretary Pitr G. Conroy, M.D. (DDS)

In accordance with the constitution and bylaws, President-Elect Melissa D. Primus, D.D.S., will become SEPA President in April.

At Large Board of Directors – Elected 

  • Lynne S. Alper, M.D. (UC)
  • Hani A. Benyamin, M.D. (DSH)
  • Robert A. Bitonte, M.D., J.D. (DSS)
  • Marcia Ehinger, M.D. (DHS)
  • Kay Gamo, M.D. (CSU)
  • Paul Malarik, Jr., M.D. (CDCR)
  • Keith Quint, M.D. (DSS)