State BU 16 Bargaining Slated to Begin

Negotiations for the next State Bargaining Unit 16 contract are scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 21st.  Meetings will take place on a weekly basis to start, and updates will be sent to UAPD members regularly.

More than 500 UAPD members took the time to complete the bargaining survey.  The responses are being closely reviewed by the UAPD team and will be used to craft proposals.  Doctors also wrote tens of thousands of comments, too many to include here, detailing specific areas in need of improvement.  Some of the most common demands in the survey were:

  • Salary increases sufficient to recruit and retain high quality doctors
  • Parity pay for those classes of State doctors that have fallen behind their peers
  • Protect the right of State doctors, as professionals, to work free of timekeeping devices
  • Protect the right of State doctors to exercise professional judgement
  • Resume Medical Officer of the Day (MOD) in departments where it was discontinued
  • Protect and expand alternate work schedule options
  • Increase CE/CME reimbursement, protect doctors’ right to choose activities, and clarify travel time language
  • Do more for new employees, starting with greater transparency about salary and benefits during the hiring process.  Take steps to offset the PEPRA pension cuts.
  • Call — Increase on-call pay, define scope of call, and ensure that carrying an EHR-enabled laptop is not a requirement
  • Limit State to reasonable use of telemedicine and telepsychiatry, and introduce language to protect bargaining unit doctors doing that work
  • Protect unit jobs against contracting out

The UAPD team will give voice to these important issues, and many others, over the coming months. Your 2016 Negotation Team consists of:

Ron Lewis, M.D. – CCHCS/CDCR
Mubashir Farooqi, M.D. – DSH
Brian Kennedy, D.D.S. – DHCS
Pitr Conroy, M.D. – DDS
Keith Quint, M.D. – DSS
Stuart Bussey, M.D., J.D., UAPD President
Nereyda Rivera, Chief Negotiator
Zegory A. Williams, Executive Director
Sue Wilson, Business and Communications Director
Glynnis Golden Ortiz, Labor Representative