Register Now — Statewide Meetings in San Francisco

As you are making your plans for the fall, consider joining UAPD members at our annual meeting on Saturday, October 15, 2016.  All events will take place at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront.

You can see more details and register for all events online here.

Steward Training:  Those who are stewards or bargaining team members are encouraged to attend a Steward Training that begins Saturday October 15th at 8 am.  The training is intended for both new and experienced leaders. We’ll talk about your contract, how to investigate possible grievances, and what to do when one of your colleagues faces discipline.  UAPD pays travel and Friday night hotel costs for stewards and bargaining team members who attend this training.

Statewide Membership Meetings:  Membership meetings begin at 9:30 am on Saturday, October 15th.  Separate meetings will be held for each sector of the union (State, County/Clinic, UC/CSU, Retiree, Private Practice), followed by a brief meeting of the whole group.

Free CME/CE:  At 11 am on Saturday, we’ll hold the next installment in our CME/CE series, entitled “Big Data to Hands-On Care.” California is home to some cutting edge medical and dental research. People are crunching trillions of pieces of health-related data and coming up with effective new treatments for patients. Entitled “Big Data to Hands-On Care,” our CME will bring together leaders in the field, many of whom live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Download the CME/CE flyer here.

You can see more details and register for all events online here.