CSU Bargaining Off to Good Start

Last week UAPD and CSU starting formal bargaining over terms and conditions of employment for our members in Unit 1.  UAPD and the bargaining team are optimistic about this round of bargaining.  After a State audit revealed unnecessary spending, and news articles publicized cuts in student services at the same time as the student fees were raised at some campuses, CSU has come into bargaining with an understanding that change is needed.

CSU is taking a proactive approach in addressing the issues around recruitment and retention.  They have been meeting with the UAPD Bargaining Team for the past year to establish new classifications, which will allow campuses to hire needed employees at a more competitive salary.  UAPD and CSU have tentatively agreed to two new classifications and some revisions to the original physician classification.  The team is still negotiating the salary ranges for each classification, as well as the implementation and the reclassification of the current unit members.   UAPD will communicate that information with the membership as soon as it becomes finalized.  

The UAPD Bargaining Team is also working on other substantive changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  We are proposing language to expand member release time for union business and representation, make it easier to file a grievance, address equity concerns more fairly through a transparent and enforceable process, and work towards a fair economic package for the entire unit.

The contract expires on June 30th, and the team has six bargaining sessions scheduled prior to that date.  We will work as expeditiously as possible for a fair contract.  

Your bargaining team is Kay Gamo, MD, from SFSU, Laura Frassinelli, MD, from SDSU, Robert Kronisch, MD, from SJSU and Rolando Tringale, MD, from CSULA.  Your Lead Negotiator is Jake Baxter, Senior Representative from the Los Angeles Office.  Please contact Jake at the Los Angeles Office at 310-398-4038 with any questions pertaining to Unit 1 negotiations.