Bordering on Desperation

By J. Weston Phippen, Rolling Stone

At the end of the Howard Johnson Hotel’s orange and white hallway, Dr. Caleb Lauber paused by a mirror as if he were lost. The mirror was an invention of the crafty security guards who’d leaned it against a chair, allowing them to quickly see around the corner in case any guests, all COVID-19 positive, should leave their rooms. Lauber worked 60-, sometimes 80-hour weeks, caring for the homeless that Gallup had arranged to shelter at local hotels. He’d seen 500 of these patients in the past month. And now his memory was failing.

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Dr. Caleb Lauber and Medical Assistant Shaniya Wood checking on Roger Bydone and Rita Norton, patients who may be COVID-19 positive, quarantined in a motel in Gallup.