It has come to our attention that fraudulent online applications to the California Employment Development Department (EDD) have been made using a few DPH physician names and license numbers. These physicians were made aware of the issue when they received letters from the EDD notifying them of these new accounts.  The issue has already been reported to law enforcement and the FBI is currently investigating the matter.

If you learn that an account has been fraudulently made using your name or license you can file a report with the EDD using the steps here

  • File a report at https://askedd.edd.ca.gov/s/reportfraud.
  • Click the button for “New” report.
  • The next question asks “Does this report relate to a person using your SSN to collect benefits?” Answer “Yes” even though, technically, it is a license number being used
  • In the next drop down below that “To which EDD program does your report relate?” select “State Disability Insurance (SDI)”
  • The final page is Fraud Report Victim Info, where you only have to fill out your name, and contact info. Please also complete the box “What leads you to believe that identity theft has occurred?”  The only mandatory field is for your name, but please complete as much as possible including employer’s name since it may aid in the investigation.

Numbers you can call for more assistance:

State of California EDD Fraud Hotline

United States Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Line