UAPD Hosts Happy Hour for City and County of San Francisco Members

San Francisco, CA — Pierre King, Union Representative for City and County of San Francisco members (Bargaining Units 17 and 18), hosted a happy hour at Parklab Gardens. The happy hour was a chance for Union members and non-members to get together for the holidays and meet their Union representative in-person, after a long period of virtual interactions.

UAPD board member and bargaining team member, Dr. Victoria Behrman, was also honored for her 24 years of service in fighting on behalf of her Union colleagues and caring for the well-being of San Francisco’s most vulnerable patients. Board President, Dr. Stuart Bussey, M.D., J.D. and Executive Director, Doug Chiappetta, M.A., were in attendance and made remarks acknowledging the outstanding work of their colleague, Dr. Behrman and the entire San Francisco County physician delegation.