State Bargaining to Commence in March

Dear State Colleagues:

It’s that time again to exercise your union voice. Members, please complete this short survey and make your priorities known for a new BU16 contract. With information from all of our 1000+ State members, your bargaining team can formulate a strategy to negotiate a fair and satisfying contract.

With a projected budget deficit of $25 billion, it’s hard to believe that the state will balance the budget on the backs of taxpayers and essential emergency workers who risked their lives for almost three years. Instead of focusing on cutting contractor costs, there should be a focus on investing in civil service employees, which cost taxpayers less every year.

We need to show the state that our members have the power to negotiate a fair and enforceable contract. Let’s fight for our right to keep our civil service jobs in the state that we protect.

Please complete the survey and let’s begin a successful negotiation campaign!

In solidarity,
Stuart Bussey, M.D., J.D., UAPD President