UB Medical Residents and Fellows Continue Union Efforts With Confidence They Have ‘Supermajority’ Vote

Buffalo, NY — Almost two months after filing for a unionization vote, pro-union medical residents and fellows — speaking to The Spectrum for the first time — say they are “very confident” that a “supermajority” of their colleagues at UB-affiliated medical facilities are in favor of unionizing.  

Dozens of frontline workers gathered last Friday to voice support for the unionization effort and share stories of how patient care is suffering at UB-affiliated hospitals.

Ballots were sent to eligible employees on March 1, according to organizers’ website. Votes will be counted on May 11 at Buffalo’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) office. 

If approved, the union would cover all 810 UB-affiliated medical residents, fellows and interns under the Union of American Physicians & Dentists (UAPD). UAPD is a Sacramento, California-based union that represents doctors and other healthcare workers across the country.