Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for Public Service Doctors

The federal government has made adjustments to income-driven repayment plans and public service loan forgiveness. Those who qualify will receive at least three years of credit towards loan forgiveness, with some seeing their loans forgiven automatically.

In a one-time adjustment, changes will be made to either certain payments or months credited towards loan forgiveness depending on the individual’s loan repayment status. For eligible borrowers, the change will result in one of the following:

  • You still have more time left until the end of your repayment period. You will be closer to the end of your repayment period and closer to forgiveness. Find your repayment plan options.
  • You reach the end of your repayment period. You will automatically receive loan forgiveness.
  • You have more than the number of months required in your repayment period. In most cases, you’ll receive a refund for any overpayment. Learn about refunds.