CSU Union Members and Students Rally for Fair Wages, Against Proposed Tuition Hike

Photo by Tess Kazenoff

Current salary negotiations mark one of the first times that all of the unions (which includes the Teamsters, Academic Professionals of California or APC, California Faculty Association or CFA, the Union of Academic Student Workers or UAW 4123, the CSU Employees Union or CSUEU, and the Union of American Physicians and Dentists or UAPD) have come together in a “coalition of summer solidarity,” said Charles Toombs, California Faculty Association president and professor at San Diego State.

“We hope that the Board of Trustees actually understand that if negotiations for all the unions do not go well moving forward, we will go through the process that we have to go through,” Toombs said. “If we do not get a good result, then we are prepared to take action.”