Important Bargaining Update

Update as of Friday, August 25, 2023


Stand By! Your bargaining team has been bargaining with the State since Wednesday, August 23, 2023. It is late Friday evening and we are waiting for a response to our salary proposal tonight.

So far, the State’s package proposal for settlement includes a 2% general salary increase (GSI) for all BU16 members after ratification by the legislature (around October 2023) and small special salary adjustments for some classifications in the second year of the contract, beginning July 1, 2024. For the DSS Medical Consultants, there is no salary increase in the first year of the contract (no GSI and no special salary adjustment).

The State has also proposed a retention bonus of 1%, up to 7% of salary each year for the next seven years, but only for doctors who have less than 7 years of service. For doctors with more than 7 years of service, the State proposed a one-time bonus of $10k. In other words, doctors with < 7 years of service have a potential of getting $84,000 if they stay with the State for 7 years. Meanwhile, more senior doctors will only receive $10,000. So much for loyalty!

Also, the State has not responded to the Union’s proposals regarding safe workloads, 40-hour work weeks, and professional judgment challenges.

We may have to declare an impasse this weekend if we remain so far apart on these important issues. UAPD has our attorney ready to file an impasse with the Public Employment Relations Board on Monday morning. The Union has been advised that as public employees, doctors do not have to give a 10-day notice to go on strike. Be prepared to STRIKE if little movement is made.

The state contract lies ultimately in your hands… and if necessary, in your feet—as in walking out. Please stand up and participate if we need to call a brief strike. Unfortunately, it is the only language that the State will understand.

Reach out to your colleagues and implore them to become union members at this critical time. The Union is only as strong as its members.

In Unity,

Stuart Bussey, M.D. J.D., UAPD President

Kafia Abbasi, M.D. CHCF-Stockton

Robert Bitonte, M.D., J.D., Dept. of Social Services

Lazarus Chanza, DDS, California Rehabilitation Center

Peter Dang, D.P.M., Dept. of State Hospitals, Metro

Dave Perts, M.D., Physician & Surgeon, Napa State Hospital

Caterina Liu, M.D. PHMO III, Dept. of Public Health

Navreet Mann, M.D., Psychiatrist, Ca. Corr. Health Care Svs.

Benny Martin, M.D., Ph. & Surg., RJ Donovan, CCHCS

Jennifer Villa, M.D., Telemedicine, CCHCS

Nader Wassef, M.D., Psychiatrist, DHS Napa

Gary Robinson, M.A., Consultant

Zegory Williams, M.A., Consultant

Doug Chiappetta, M.A., UAPD Executive Director

Patricia Hernandez, J.D., UAPD Chief Negotiator

Nereyda Rivera, UAPD Co-Chair of Negotiations

Glynnis Golden-Ortiz, UAPD Senior Representative