UAPD Seeks Input From BU16 Physicians and Surgeons

The UAPD must be able to show the State’s attorney (who will negotiate the retro with UAPD, per the PERB judgement for CDCR violating the law), that since 2019 the unilaterally imposed Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) ISUDT program was forced upon the BU16 physicians, continues to demand a substantial and burdensome increase to BU16 CDCR physicians’ workload.

After the meeting on November 17, 2023, it is clear in the State’s mind that the physicians’ workloads and workflows have been unaffected by MAT. In fact, they believe MAT is ordinary, chronic care that cannot be distinguished from diabetes, chronic pain, or hypertension.

In order to provide accurate, demonstrable data from your “on the ground,” daily CDCR work experience with the MAT program, EVERYONE, please complete this important but brief questionnaire today!