Billboards Highlight How University at Buffalo Mistreats its Frontline Doctors

Buffalo, NY — The Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) representing University at Buffalo (UB) resident physicians secure two billboards on I-190 at Ogden Street to boldly communicate the dire working conditions resident physicians endure.

“The Buffalo community needs to know how poorly UB is treating 831 of Buffalo’s frontline providers,” said Dr. Stuart Bussey, UAPD president. “These dedicated medical doctors are the lowest paid in New York State and demand a fair contract now.”

The two billboards communicate the overworked and underpaid working conditions for UB’s residents as, “Bad for Patients. Bad for Buffalo.”

Dr. Frank Massaro, a second-year anesthesiology resident said, “I was born and raised in Buffalo. Our patients deserve to know that their frontline providers are being stressed to the limit. We are asking UB to give resident physicians the respect and resources that we need to give the Buffalo community exceptional care.”

In May, about 800 UB residents and fellows working across 10 Buffalo-area hospitals, won their union election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board. These doctors are now negotiating a contract with their employer. Their top concerns are low wages, poor working conditions, lack of benefits, and little to no input in how patient care is delivered.