City and County of San Francisco Physicians Ratify Contract

UAPD members at the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) have overwhelmingly ratified a new contract with 100% support—concluding months of negotiations with CCSF.

“These agreements signify a significant step forward for the Union of American Physicians and Dentists and our San Francisco members. It is a testament to our collective efforts and dedication to securing favorable terms for our members,” said Pierre King, UAPD Organizer/Representative.

The new three-year agreement delivers significant benefits for San Francisco’s physicians, including:

  • Salary Increases: All members will receive at least a 13% raise over three years, with the potential for additional increases for physicians tied to the ongoing nurses’ negotiations.
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Additional Continuing Medical Education (CME) Funds: Increased to $600 per quarter, equating to $2,400 annually.
  • Improved HR Response Time: Designated contact from HR Labor Relations to expedite member concerns. Establishment of a Labor Management Committee that will report to the Health Commission three times a year to share issues directly with the mayor and city supervisors. If both parties do not reach a consensus, a third-party facilitator will be brought in. Reports from this committee will be utilized during the next round of bargaining.
  • Dentists will receive a $250 allowance every two years for custom hearing protection.