Contract for Los Angeles County Physicians Overwhelmingly Ratified After Years of Negotiations

Dear UAPD Members,

We are pleased to announce that members of BU324 have overwhelmingly ratified a landmark agreement with the County of Los Angeles. After more than two years of negotiations, including preparations for a historic strike and intensive round-the-clock bargaining, our collective efforts have led to significant improvements for UAPD members.

Dr. Stuart Bussey, UAPD President, expressed his gratitude, stating, “UAPD members made tremendous sacrifices over the last two years to fight for your patients, who have been facing long wait times and dangerous appointment delays. You refused to settle until we secured a collective bargaining agreement that prioritizes patient care with competitive pay and benefits. Your determination and patience paid off, and we look forward to collaborating with the County to fill vacant positions.”

The ratified package includes:

  • Retroactive Countywide cost of living adjustments (COLA),
  • Significant increases for specialties with vacancies,
  • An annual benefit equity bonus for those not in the management “MegaFlex” plan,
  • Entry into management’s 401k plan and short-term disability program,
  • Increases in standby and callback pay,
  • A physician loyalty bonus for residents who choose to remain with the County after residency, and
  • Funding for provider service improvement projects, including physician recruitment.

“Attracting and retaining female staff, especially those entering the workforce after training, has been increasingly difficult due to the County’s lack of participation in the State Disability Insurance (SDI) program and the absence of supplemental disability insurance for family planning,” said Dr. Michelle Armacost , Physician Specialist Neurology, Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. “Without short-term disability, female physicians who may be pregnant or planning to be are at a disadvantage compared to private hospitals in the area. We demanded equitable benefits, and we were willing to strike for them. The County heard us, and we prevailed.”

This agreement would not have been possible without the dedication of the BU 324 bargaining team, which debated proposals during long hours – often late into the night – and refused to back down in the face of strong resistance from management. 

Click here for a video of our leaders.

Next Steps

We have been informed by management that the Board of Supervisors will vote to approve the BU 324 contract by the end of June, and that members will receive COLA retroactivity in August or September. Members will then receive one more COLA adjustment in October 2024 (3.25%) and for those eligible, D Level adjustments are effective January 1, 2025. A full copy of the Board-approved contracts will be available after the Board of Supervisors’ approval, likely in July.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication throughout this process. Together, we have achieved a monumental victory that will benefit both our members and the patients we serve.

In solidarity,