Major Grievance Victories in LA County

As important as negotiating strong contracts is enforcing them, and in 2010 UAPD has had great success in holding Los Angeles County to the terms of our contracts. Vigorous contract enforcement protects doctors, those with specific grievances as well as all others,...

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UAPD Retiree Chapter Chartered, Officers Elected

One highlight of the 2009 Triennial Convention was the chartering of the new UAPD Retiree Chapter. On the day before the convention, a group of retired doctors met to elect officers and adopt a constitution for the new union. They also heard from Steve Regenstrief of...

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New Benefit for Members: Legal Consultation Fund

In their October 1st meeting, the UAPD Board of Directors voted to create a Legal Consultation fund to assist members who are facing discipline at work. The fund goes into effect on January 1, 2010. A UAPD member who has received a formal written notice of suspension,...

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