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Santa Clara County Mediation Set for June 4, 2014

May 22, 2014

On June 4, 2014, UAPD and Santa Clara County will submit to mandatory mediation under the county ordinances. A mediator, assigned by the State Mediation and Conciliation Services, will work with both sides to try to reach agreement for a successor MOU.  A major issue of contention is the “mandatory assignment” language that would have allow the County to unilaterally assign shift/location coverage to our members whenever operationally necessary.  UAPD is committed to using this process as effectively as possible. As such, the Union has requested release time for 2-3 additional UAPD members to augment the negotiating committee so that more of your voices can be heard.   Those who are interested in participating should call Patricia Hernandez in the UAPD Oakland Office (1-800-622-0909).

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Anti-MICRA Ballot Measure Qualifies for November Ballot

May 22, 2014

The anti-MICRA ballot measure has officially qualified for the November 2014 ballot.  Drafted by trial lawyers, the ballot measure is seeking to change current law to file more medical lawsuits against health care providers.  If they get their way, medical lawsuits, payouts, and insurance premiums will skyrocket.  Some doctors will be driven out of the profession by high costs, leaving more people without access to care.

UAPD is part of a campaign is geared up to defeat this misguided and costly measure. As part of CAPP, UAPD has been building the capacity to defeat this dangerous initiative for the better part of a year.  If you haven’t already, you can sign up directly with the campaign committee formed specifically to fight this initiative here.

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Salary Increases Negotiated for San Francisco Doctors

May 12, 2014

The current collective bargaining agreement between UAPD and the City runs from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015. In spite of the contract being closed, two important changes have just been negotiated.

The UAPD contract has a “re-opener” clause concerning recruitment and retention. This clause dictates that if there’s a demonstrable recruitment/retention problem, the Union can bring the City to the bargaining table. UAPD easily demonstrated DPH’s inability to recruit enough COPC primary care physicians back in December. Read more …

UAPD Sponsors Contentious CME on Malpractice

April 28, 2014

On April 26th, more than 100 UAPD members were in attendance to watch well-known plaintiff’s attorney Bruce Fagel, M.D., J.D. square off against the California Medical Association President Richard Thorp, M.D. and others during the UAPD-sponsored CME/CE entitled “Malpractice and MICRA Reform:  What Every Doctor Must Know.”  Dr. Fagel presented his evidence in favor of raising the cap on non-economic damages set by MICRA in 1973, while Dr. Thorp argued that doing so would have many deleterious consequences on the practice of medicine.  Attorneys Erin Muellenberg and David J. Weiss presented an overview of the current malpractice climate for physicians and dentists, respectively, and offered dozens of best practices which can help doctors avoid litigation.  Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions, and to offer their own analyses of how the legal context of medicine affects care.

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Delegates Inspire More Contributions to PEOPLE Fund

March 30, 2014

UAPD members elected six delegates (Stuart A. Bussey, M.D., J.D., Ernest W. Fessler, D.D.S., Ronald Lewis, M.D., L. Lee Nelson, M.D., Alice Faye Singleton, M.D., and Robert W. Starr, D.D.S.) to attend the AFSCME PEOPLE Convention in Sacramento in mid-March.  The PEOPLE program is the lobbying and political fundraising apparatus of AFSCME, the international union with which UAPD is affiliated; their convention is held every year in California.

At this year’s convention, the delegates heard from AFSCME President Lee Saunders and many others about the political challenges that public employees will face in the coming year.  It probably comes as no surprise that public workers continue to be scapegoated and that retirement benefits are still under attack.  Having learned that UAPD was lagging behind in the number of people who contribute to the AFCME PEOPLE fund, the delegates sent a letter to members encouraging them to support the program.  More than 50 doctors responded by becoming PEOPLE contributors at the MVP level, a very strong response.  Those interested in signing up as PEOPLE MVPs can still contact the UAPD Oakland office (1-800-622-0909).

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AHS Doctors Will Not Be Forced into Foundation

March 22, 2014

UAPD-represented doctors working for Alameda Health System (AHS) have asked whether they, along with the unrepresented doctors working at Highland Hospital, will be forced into the new foundation being created by AHS.  The answer  is no.  UAPD took action last year to stop AHS from placing UAPD doctors in that foundation, which would have nullified the UAPD contract and all its protections.

Last year, UAPD learned that AHS was planning to employ doctors through a separate foundation not covered by the UAPD agreement.  In response, UAPD and AFSCME sponsored a bill,  AB 1008, to close the loophole in California law that gave hospital authorities like the one that runs AHS the leeway to contract out work.   AB 1008 was signed into law in September of 2013.   Under the new law, from now until 2024 AHS is strictly limited in its ability to enter into contracts to replace services now being provided by UAPD physicians and surgeons.  Prior to entering into a contract, AHS must show that using outside contractors instead of civil service doctors would save money, which would be very difficult to do.  AHS must also negotiate with UAPD over the decision to privatize, and unresolved disputes must be submitted to final binding arbitration — a point that was strongly opposed by AHS.  The law was designed to make it extremely difficult — essentially impossible — to place UAPD doctors in the new foundation.


LA Psychiatrists and Dentists Approve New Contract

March 15, 2014

UAPD Members in Los Angeles County Bargaining Unit 325 (Dentists and Psychiatrists) overwhelmingly ratified a agreement reached by the negotiating team on February 20, 2014.  The 18 month agreement includes three across-the-board pay increases of 2% each.  In addition, psychiatrist pay will now follow the physician pay scale, which has 20 steps instead of 13.   The agreement also provides legal representation to those responding to Medical and Dental Board inquires, and enhances health benefit plans.  In total, the value of the salary and benefits of BU 325 members will increase between 6% and 16% over the 18 months of this agreement.

Some BU 16 Doctors Still Waiting for CME Payment

February 19, 2014

Most of the Bargaining Unit 16 doctors who are eligible to receive an automatic payout of $1000 in CME funds have received their checks from the State.   However, doctors in some facilities are still waiting for payment.  UAPD has contacted CalHR to urge them to work with the affected departments to issue those checks quickly.  We will update you about their response.
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Bargaining Update for UC Doctors

February 19, 2014

The UAPD Bargaining Team has met twice with the University of California management team. The team members are Amol Doshi, M.D. (UC San Diego), Sean Kennedy, M.D. (UC Davis), C. McDaniel, M.D. (UC Los Angeles), Jeffrey Nelson, M.D. (UC Berkeley), Harry Siemonsma, M.D. (UC Irvine), Al Groh (UAPD Executive Director), Jeff Duritz (UAPD Chief Negotiator), and Jake Baxter (UAPD Representative and Lead Organizer).  The team is negotiating a first contract for the student health and counseling center doctors (physicians, dentists, and podiatrists) at the ten UC campuses. The contract will cover salary, benefits, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

At the first session on January 29, the two sides agreed to ground rules that will govern the negotiations. At meeting on February 12, UAPD submitted several proposals, including job classification protections and union representative access. UC proposals included some standard benefits language, but also a provision that would allow the University to change the terms of retiree health and the pension during the term of our contract. The UAPD team is of course opposed to ceding this authority while a negotiated agreement is in force.

Additional bargaining sessions are scheduled for the end of February and mid-March. By the end of March, UAPD will submit economic proposals. UAPD will continue to send updates in order to keep everyone informed.

Los Angeles Physicians Ratfiy New Contract

February 13, 2014

UAPD members in Los Angeles County Bargaining Unit 324 (Physicians) have voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving the Tentative Agreement reached in January, with 96% of the votes in favor of ratification.  In total, salary and benefits will increase by as much as 15% over the next 18 months.

The terms of the new agreement will go into effect pending approval by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  Once the County reaches a Tentative Agreement with BU 325 (Psychiatrists and Dentists), the County Supervisors will review and vote on both agreements.  Because the first pay increase under this agreement is retroactive to December 1, 2013, physicians will not lose money while waiting for Supervisor approval.  UAPD will update members once the Supervisors have acted.