California State of California Doctors

State Bargaining Update for June 10, 2009

UAPD representatives met with the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) on June 9th to discuss the possibility of layoffs for Bargaining Unit 16. It is the Union’s belief that the State of California has a shortage of doctors in its ranks, and that the cuts...

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Paychecks, Not IOUs, for UAPD Doctors

State Controller John Chiang announced this week that he will be forced to issue  registered  warrants, also known as IOUs, beginning July 2 if immediate budget and cash solutions are not quickly adopted by the Governor and Legislature. However, the State...

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State Bargaining Update for January 15, 2009

Bargaining was put on hold for the month of December, as the budget crisis has left the DPA without the authority to bargain productively over economic issues. Bargaining is set to resume at the end of January.

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UAPD Part of Massive Challenge to Governor’s Furlough Plan

UAPD is part of a coalition of unions that is challenging the governor's furlough plan in court. The hearing date for the union-sponsored cases has been set for Jan. 29. Union attorneys will argue that the governor lacks the power to arbitrarily cut state worker...

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State Bargaining Update for November 20, 2008

Just like you, we keep waiting and waiting and waiting... Negotiations between the UAPD's Bargaining Unit 16 and the State are on hold through the month of December. In the last negotiations meeting, November 20, 2008, the State presented two takeaway proposals...

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