State of California (BU 16) Settlements

Permanent Intermittent Employees Need Not Pay .5% Post-Retirement Health Benefit Contribution (12/30/13)

Some employees in BU16 are exempt from paying .5% towards pre-funding their post-retirement health benefits because they don’t receive those benefits.  Retired Annuitants, contract employees, and permanent intermittent employee (under 1,000 hours per fiscal year) are exempt from contributing to the 0.5% towards the post-retirement health benefit.  Employees who hold additional appointments should contribute .5% of their salary earned in their primary job/department, not their additional one.


$1000 in CME Money Will Be Paid At the Start of Fiscal Year (12/19/13)

In the last negotiation, the State and the Union agreed to work together to streamline the payment of CME by establishing a process in which $1000 would be provided to doctors at the beginning of each fiscal year (Article 10.13).  While submitting receipts is not required to claim the $1000, doctors must save receipts and provide them in the case of an audit.  UAPD has put together a document summarizing the rollout of the new plan.

Download CME Streamlining Implementation Plan