State Bargaining Update for August 15, 2008

Our most recent session of bargaining took place on Thursday, August 15. The following topics were covered in the latest session:

Information Request — UAPD renewed our request for information on the investigation of doctors and hiring of contractors.

Arbitration Proposal (6.11) – UAPD proposed strengthening our grievance and arbitration rights by adding language that requires that an arbitrator be scheduled to hear a grievance within 60 days of the Union making the request for arbitration. Under the current contract, it can take far longer for an arbitrator to be hired and a case resolved.

Proposal to Increase Vacation Leave (9.1) – UAPD proposed that employees accrue between two and four extra hours of vacation credit each month.

Proposal to Increase Annual Leave (9.9) – UAPD proposed that employees enrolled in the annual leave program accrue between two and four extra hours of annual leave credit each month.

Rollovers: Taking into account the multiple sections in each of its articles and side letters, our contract covers about 130 separate issues, not all of which need to be renegotiated in each round of bargaining. When both the Union and the Employer agree that a particular section of the contract requires no change, a tentative agreement is reached on the existing contract language. The UAPD team has been carefully reviewing the contract to see where we believe the current language is best left unchanged, and this week we TA’d several articles we are happy with in their current form.

Our next day of bargaining is on Thursday, August 21st. Look for another update following that session.