State Bargaining Update for August 21, 2008

The following topics were covered:

Information Requests – UAPD has received most of the information we requested from the State on the use of contractors and the investigation of doctors. However, CDCR has refused to provide some information, and claims to be unable to provide other information, despite the fact that all other departments have been able and willing to comply with our information request. At the latest session of bargaining, UAPD clearly communicated to CDCR representatives that we have a legal right to the information we requested, that their stalling is not acceptable, and that we expect a complete response from them in the near future.

Flexible Work Hours – Both sides discussed the possibility of introducing voluntary 12–hour shifts as an option for members of our bargaining unit. UAPD plans to introduce language on the issue in an upcoming session.

Acting Assignments – While the State seeks to roll over existing language on acting assignments, UAPD requested that the State first address some of the problems it has in abiding by that language. In particular, the Union is aware that some doctors are asked to hold acting assignments for far longer than the 120 day limit set out in the contract, which can create serious staffing problems when their official assignments go unfilled during that time.

Voluntary Leave Program — UAPD proposed resuming the Voluntary Leave Program, which would allow doctors to purchase 8-16 hours of additional leave time each month.

Rollovers — Taking into account the multiple sections in each of its articles and side letters, our contract covers about 130 separate issues, not all of which need to be renegotiated in each round of bargaining. When both the Union and the Employer agree that a particular section of the contract requires no change, a tentative agreement is reached on the existing contract language. The UAPD team has been carefully reviewing the contract to see where we believe the current language is best left unchanged, and this week we tentatively agreed to several more articles we are happy with in their current form.

More Bargaining Dates – Both sides agreed to additional bargaining dates in September.

Our next day of bargaining is on Wednesday, August 27th. Look for another update following that session.