City and County of San Francisco Members Ratify Contract

Dear Colleague:

Senior Representative Patricia Hernandez reports that San Francisco members have overwhelmingly ratified the Tentative Agreement.  Voting on the Agreement closed on May 26, 2009.  The new contract remains in effect until 2011.

UAPD members have voted to preserve services for our patients, and to help the City with its budget deficit. As a result, the City will work collaboratively with us as the cuts proceed.

Of note, UAPD asked the City whether a proposal to reduce the work-week to 37.5 hours might affect our members. The answer from the City is no, because we’ve already made concessions – and because we generate revenue.

The next step is to make sure the City gets the revenue for the work we do. If you have ideas for enhancing revenue or cutting expenses, please share them. UAPD can lobby for them in our next Negotiations. Thanks for voting.

Derek Kerr, MD
UAPD Steward LHH